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In Development with the Platform, the author describes how to use the platform to create business applications in the cloud. Read a free excerpt here.

Development with the Platform

In Development with the Platform, author Joe Oulette describes how to use the platform to create business applications in the cloud. Oulette is the creator of Appirio Calendar Sync, the most installed application in the world, and has been programming on the platform since 2004.

Oulette begins his book with an overview of the current Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment and an introduction to the platform. The bulk of the book, though, covers in detail how to create programs with Topics covered include how to write with Apex, the development language, how to use the database to store and manage data, and how to implement Ajax behaviors without JavaScript. These topics are complemented with numerous visuals and examples of programming code. Read a free excerpt from Development with the Platform.

This was last published in December 2009

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