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February 2012, Issue 1

Java Platform as a Service providers vie for developers' affection

Java is one of the premier languages in cloud development, but it doesn’t have just one face. Throughout the year, Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers have launched new Java services, adopted Java as a language or broadened their operations, vying for the attentions of Java developers. Oracle WebLogic, Red Hat’s OpenShift and Windows Azure SDK were some of the latest examples of major-industry players diving into the Java PaaS market, while CloudBees, CumuLogic, CloudFoundry, Dotcloud, Jelastic and others have all been adopted by different segments of the Java development community. Cloud service providers have been bombarding the marketplace with product announcements and acquisition news; despite the hubbub some developers are still taking a skeptical approach. “That’s the name of the game in the technology field always,” said independent Java developer Reza Rahman of the hype surrounding PaaS. “They’ll take an idea that has some merit and they’ll hype it to the point where it becomes ridiculous. Obviously people are going ...

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