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April 2014, Volume 2, Number 2

Amazon cloud offerings at (nearly) 10

Just over a decade ago, Amazon Web Services wasn't much more than some ideas scribbled on an company whiteboard. In today's Infrastructure as a Service universe, AWS is, as Frank Sinatra might have put it, "king of the hill / top of the heap." Amazon rolled out its first Web service, a message-queuing product called Simple Queue Service, in November 2004, but Seattle-based Amazon didn't formally launch AWS as a business until 2006. Today, just eight years later, Amazon's cloud offerings include computing, database, networking, payment, storage, application and other services. The Amazon subsidiary operates in more than 190 countries, serving hundreds of thousands of customers in 10 regions worldwide, each with multiple data centers. AWS in a Nutshell First service launched: 2004 AWS subsidiary officially launched: 2006 Number of services: 30+ Number of customers: "Hundreds of thousands" worldwide, including 2,400 educational institutions and 600 government agencies Number of updates to services, 2008: 24 Number of ...

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