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June 2013, Volume 1, Number 3

Cloud apps are movin' on up

There are few enterprise applications that are not available as cloud apps, and businesses are doing a lot of hard thinking about when to jump in, as you'll learn in reading this issue of Business Information. Scot Petersen Editorial Director The choices run the gamut. On the one hand, you have Plymouth, Mich., manufacturer CCI Industries. "We've completely jumped in -- or, jumped up into -- the cloud with both feet. We're going with everything," says Jeffrey Aznavorian, CCI’s chief operating officer, in Brenda Cole's cover story on how much ERP functionality companies are putting in the cloud. On the other hand, there's Anisa International, another midsize manufacturer, which is moving in a more measured way, deploying NetSuite’s cloud ERP platform model, according to Gary Heege, senior vice president of finance and IT. "We're a relatively small company and didn't want the heavy hardware investment that comes with, say, Oracle -- but we wanted the functionality," Heege says. He adds, though, that factors such as a lack of IT ...

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