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What we learned about application migration to the cloud in 2014

In 2014, developers learned a lot about application migration to the cloud, including strategies, tools and tips useful to the migration process. This cross-site guide features content from sites that cover application development and the cloud.


Explore strategies for application migration to the cloud

Successful application migration to the cloud requires careful planning. In this section, find tips for deploying legacy and new applications to the cloud. Learn from companies and IT teams with experience deploying cloud applications, and read what they have to say about what to do and which common problems to avoid.


Six tips to consider before launching cloud applications

Launching cloud applications may seem like an easy task, but deployments greatly benefit if developers make certain preparations first. Jan Stafford, executive editor of the Application Development sites, shares six tips for developers to keep in mind. Continue Reading


How to migrate legacy applications to the cloud

A good strategy for migrating legacy applications to the cloud is to start with the easiest apps to move and work up to the most difficult and costly. Read on to find out the next steps in the more complex legacy application migrations. Continue Reading


Avoid cloud application migration difficulties

Learn from the experts on what to do before, during and after a cloud application migration. Key advice focuses on understanding applications and potential cloud providers. Continue Reading


What effects does migrating to the cloud have on software testing?

Developing software applications in the cloud requires the same capabilities as on-premises development. Still, there are advantages and disadvantages that IT staff should consider before migrating testing to the cloud. Continue Reading


Do companies need an exit strategy for the cloud?

Many IT departments are concerned with how to move applications to the cloud, but should they also be concerned with how to get out if the cloud is not a good fit? Read on to explore whether IT departments should have a reverse migration plan. Continue Reading

2Tools and tips-

Big companies push move to cloud

Many companies that adopt Microsoft Office 365 must deal with moving applications to the cloud. Find tips and tools that are useful for that process. In 2014, Amazon Web Services encouraged customers to move completely to the cloud. Read about other companies' experiences to help make the best decision for your company.


How to plan an Office 365 migration

An IT team that is facilitating its company's move to Microsoft Office 365 should first consider which email strategy the company uses. Get advice about the steps to take from there in this tip by Tom Nolle. Continue Reading


BitTitan Desktop Deployment among options for Office 365 move

Companies that want to move to Office 365 may find help with BitTitan Desktop Deployment. BitTitan CEO Geeman Yip discusses his company's tool, other industry tools and selection criteria IT should consider when it picks a data migration provider. Continue Reading


Is a complete cloud application migration reasonable?

Amazon Web Services enthusiastically highlighted cloud application migration at the company's re:Invent conference in November. At same time, companies with experience in migrating applications to the cloud offered advice and spoke up about common misconceptions about cloud application migration. Continue Reading


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Key cloud migration terms

Make sure you know the definitions for these key cloud application migration terms.

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