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What developers need to know about cloud app integration

Cloud app integration issues continue to complicate software operations. This guide explores strategies, tools and trends that help connect all the moving parts in the cloud.


While APIs have opened the door to cloud app integration, there is still a long road ahead to universal cloud standards. Proprietary interests have segmented the cloud into disparate parts and the responsibility falls to developers to connect them all into a unified application. That said, the cloud's advantages -- namely, easy data access, fast user experience, a reliable development environment and innovative deployment tools -- often outweigh the associated challenges.

This essential guide features articles that explain the fundamentals of cloud app integration. Some stories provide business strategies for tackling integration projects; others review tools and services that can help along the way.


The basics of cloud app integration

For cloud app integration newcomers, it's important to have a grasp of the fundamentals before diving into the planning phase. This section covers the basics, from the different types of cloud app integration to the integration challenges facing businesses today.


The different approaches to cloud app integration

Learn about strategies and vendors if your company is looking to cloud application integration. Continue Reading


Cloud integration challenges testers in new ways

Developers have more cloud integration technology choices than ever, but system and application dependencies can complicate integration testing. Continue Reading


The rush to the cloud has created difficulties in data integration

Alan Earls explains why the rapid adoption of the cloud is creating data integration problems, and what to do about it. Continue Reading


Cloud application integration: Is there an easy way?

Cloud application integration is a big challenge, one that's too big for some IT departments. Continue Reading


Tools and platforms to ease integration challenges

The following articles explore the different kinds of tools and platforms available to developers. Read on for important selection criteria and sound decision-making advice to help cut through vendor hype.


An introduction to cloud integration platforms and tools

Learn about the decisions IT managers must make when it comes to cloud integration tools, platforms and architectures. Continue Reading


Platforms that help design the right integration process

Learn how running a cloud integration platform can add value to your integration process. Continue Reading


A decision-making guide to cloud-to-cloud integration tools

Cloud expert Jeff Kaplan delivers in-depth advice on cloud-to-cloud integration, as well as tool and services selection criteria. Continue Reading


Match the best cloud integration platform to your project

Not all cloud integration platforms are created equal. Learn the specific differences to examine when selecting the right cloud integration platform. Continue Reading


Have deployment woes? Try using cloud integration tools

Accommodating cloud integration tools within cloud deployment is a complex but necessary undertaking. Tom Nolle explains why. Continue Reading


Strategizing for a cloud app integration project

A successful cloud app integration project requires more than just good tools. The following articles help businesses implement an efficient workflow and keep up to date on the latest integration trends.


Cloud integration requires thorough workflow analysis

To create a successful cloud integration strategy, architects first need to get serious about workflow analysis. Continue Reading


IT's role in cloud app integration

Cloud data integration platforms contested territory in struggle between IT and the business. As experimental cloud data integration projects become operationalized, will business and IT harmonize? Continue Reading


Cloud connectors on the rise in enterprise app integration

More enterprises are turning to cloud connector and data integrator products to meet their enterprise application integration needs, experts say. Continue Reading


Why Oracle Cloud integration is increasingly complex

Software tester Amy Reichert reviews the top iPaaS vendors and offers advice on choosing between veteran companies and those born in the cloud. Continue Reading


Oracle Cloud integration gets tricky

Experts and users say that before jumping into the fairly new Oracle Cloud, make sure you have a long-term plan for integration or to bring everything back in-house. Continue Reading


When, how and why to use iPaaS

IPaaS is gaining traction in the enterprise as a means of integrating data, processes and application components. However, lack of trust concerning iPaaS's security still discourages some from adopting the service. The following tips list the pros and con of iPaaS and can help determine who is a fit for this up-and-coming middleware.


Why iPaaS is an emerging player in cloud app integration

Gartner's Pezzini sees good uses of the iPaaS, or integration Platform as a Service. Users say data and security issues may be obstacles. Continue Reading


Is iPaaS right for you?

Learn how to determine if iPaaS integration works for your business needs. Continue Reading


A guide to using iPaaS for enterprise app integration

IPaaS is gaining traction with cloud services and enterprise app integration. Ovum IT's Saurabh Sharma shares iPaaS best practices. Continue Reading


Terms to know in cloud app integration

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