Essential Guide

SaaS applications integration: Strategies and best practices for success

Learn more about the benefits, challenges and potential pitfalls of Software as a Service applications integration in this collection of articles, podcasts and other resources.


No question: Integrating cloud-based and on-premises applications can be a challenging endeavor. This Essential Guide, packed with expert advice from SearchCloudApplications and other TechTarget sites, explains how to do the job effectively. Read the content, listen to the podcasts, view the videos, browse the glossary -- and test your knowledge with a quick SaaS quiz. 


SaaS app integration pitfalls

Get a better understanding of SaaS application integration issues and challenges in these articles, expert answers, tutorials and other content from SearchCloudApplications and other TechTarget sites.


App integration woes: Pain is still acute with cloud

In this Cloud Developments column, Executive Editor Jan Stafford explains the promise -- and potential pitfalls -- of application integration in SaaS and other cloud deployments. Continue Reading


Beat challenges of integrating SaaS apps

Contributor Crystal Bedell shares advice from the experts on taking an architecture approach to determining how SaaS fits into an organization's existing configuration. Continue Reading


Avoid SaaS data integration costs

When it comes to the price, here's advice on avoiding the costly application-management problems that are sometimes involved with migrating to a SaaS environment. Continue Reading


On-premises vs. SaaS

Contributor Bill Claybrook takes a side-by-side look at the two approaches, comparing factors in several areas, including application integration. Continue Reading


SaaS quiz

How much do you know about business process management in the cloud? Test your knowledge with this quick five-question quiz. Continue Reading


SaaS app integration strategies and tools

Learn about SaaS application integration tools and management tips. Get the latest news and all the "FAQs" in this SaaS app integration strategies and solutions section.


New tools for SaaS app integration

Learn how companies can make on-premises and cloud applications play well together. Continue Reading


SaaS integration drives cloud app adoption

SearchConsumerization News Editor James Furbush notes that successful use of SaaS applications hinges on effectively integrating those apps. Continue Reading


FAQ: SaaS application management

Writing for SearchDataManagement, contributor Delaney Rebernik answers commonly asked questions about managing multiple SaaS applications and vendors. Continue Reading


Approaching data integration in SaaS cloud

Analyst Denis Pombriant addresses this question: What data integration features, services and assurances should we expect a SaaS provider to offer? Continue Reading


What is Software as a Service?

Jeff Kaplan, managing director of the THINKstrategies consulting firm, discusses issues that businesses should consider before adopting SaaS, including making the approach work with legacy applications. Continue Reading


SaaS app integration videos

Watch and learn from experts as they discuss Software as a Service, applications and integrations. Software experts provide insights on tools and best practices in this section. Tune in to get answers to these questions and more: How does SaaS work with legacy applications? What does SaaS mean for the future of packaged software? Is there a difference between an ASP and SaaS?


Introduction to the SaaS landscape

In this video, THINKstrategies Managing Director Jeff Kaplan offers an overview of the world of SaaS applications.


SaaS applications and integration

In this short video, Jeff Kaplan discusses the differences between and on-premises approach and SaaS and the tools that are used to pull the two environments together.


SaaS application integration terms to know

What exactly is SaaS? What is cloud computing? Fine-tune your knowledge with this glossary of relevant terms.

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