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Red Hat 2013: Conference coverage news

Red Hat 2013: Conference coverage news


The Red Hat Summit is held annually in Boston and is considered the premier open source technology event. It's sponsored by Red Hat Inc., a provider of Linux and open source technology. Cloud computing, mobile technologies and open source platforms were the leading topics at this year's summit. Get the latest news and information from Red Hat 2013 with this conference coverage guide.

1Mobile and cloud-

Mobile and cloud computing Red Hat 2013 conference coverage

Several Red Hat 2013 conference tracks covered data migration to the cloud. Get the latest news about IT infrastructure and business readiness for cloud computing. Sessions at the conference also covered mobile application integration and data management for mobile.


Open source, innovation and cloud trends

Here's a roundup of expert comments on open source trends, cloud computing, innovation and more from the 2013 Red Hat Summit in Boston. Continue Reading


Cloud and mobile top news at Red Hat Summit 2013

The cloud is poised to be a major theme at this year's Red Hat Summit and JBoss World conference. Continue Reading


How Red Hat commoditized open source cloud computing

By leveraging OpenStack, Red Hat plans to commoditized cloud computing, just like they commoditized open source Linux ten years ago. Continue Reading


Red Hat's big bet on cloud computing

As though an invisible hand was leading their progress over the past 12 years, Red Hat is not positioned to make a splash in the world of open source cloud computing. Continue Reading

2Open source platforms-

OpenStack, IaaS, Linux and Portals

Get the latest information about open source platforms from Red Hat engineers and other technical leaders in the industry. Learn about OpenStack, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and solving content management issues. Find out why Intel should be taken more seriously as a player in the open source software development world.


OpenStack IaaS drives Intel's bottom line

While a major protectorate of intellectual property, Red Hat Linux and OpenStack IaaS offerings provide the bonus of driving innovation, which leads to more chips being purchased, driving revenue at Intel's bottom line. Continue Reading


How leading open source enterprise portals are solving the CMS dilemma

Content management systems (CMS) are always a challenge to implement, but open source portals from Liferay and JBoss are taking new approaches to solve the CMS dilemma and associated problems and challenges. Continue Reading


The Red Hat model for IaaS cloud computing with OpenStack

The Red Hat transition is to move their successful model to IaaS through OpenStack and cloud computing. But will this new move from the JBoss company work as well as RHEL did a decade ago? Continue Reading


Four trends with intelligent integrated enterprises

From the cloud to big data, there are major trends architects need to be aware of. Continue Reading

3Around the Web-

Around the Web: Red Hat 2013 conference coverage

Get the latest news about the Red Hat 2013 Summit from around the Web. Find out conference updates from our sister sites and learn what was covered at Red Hat 2012.


JBoss World 2012

The staff will be at JBoss World 2012, writing highlights, interviews, and reports on important news and advice from sessions and experts at this year's event. Continue Reading


Open innovation at Red Hat 2013

At Red Hat Summit, the company gives a July target date for its OpenStack distribution and OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure; and more news. Continue Reading


Red Hat Enterprise Linux panel coverage

Many improvements are coming to RHEL, including changes to installations, file systems and the user interface. Continue Reading


Red Hat introduces Red Hat Open Hybrid Cloud

Hardware, virtualization, public and private cloud are all converging and need to be managed as one environment. Continue Reading


Twittersphere at Red Hat 2013

Highlights from Red Hat Summit 2013 told in 140 characters or less via Twitter. Continue Reading

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