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Platform as a Service: Expert advice for selecting a PaaS vendor

Picking a Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider can be a nerve-wracking task. This guide offers articles, tips and other editor-selected content designed to help any organization find the right PaaS vendor.


Navigating the fast-growing Platform-as-a-Service landscape can be tricky. This guide, packed with expert advice from SearchCloudApplications and other TechTarget sites, offers a roadmap for finding exactly the right PaaS vendor. Read the content, listen to the podcast, view the videos, browse the glossary -- and then test your knowledge with a quick PaaS quiz.

1PaaS concerns-

PaaS basics: Questions and concepts

Learn about the challenges you'll face when making a move to Platform as a Service. Get a better understanding of PaaS vendor issues in these expert answers, tutorials and other content regarding PaaS from SearchCloudApplications and other TechTarget sites.


Q&A with Appirio's Glenn Weinstein

Appirio's CTO Glenn Weinstein discusses the state of iPaaS and what architects can do to get the most out of their chosen integration approach. Continue Reading


Questions to ask PaaS vendors

PaaS vendors have flooded the market with information -- some good, some bad. Contributor Adam Riglian discusses the questions that enterprise IT managers should ask their potential PaaS suitors. Continue Reading


Is PaaS vendor lock-in unavoidable?

Will your PaaS of choice interoperate with future Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) installments? Contributor Mark Szynaka explains how to find out -- before it's too late to turn back. Continue Reading


What to consider before moving legacy development efforts to PaaS

Managing your own development infrastructure takes time away from designing and coding. A move to PaaS can be helpful, even for a legacy development. But mobile app developer Dan Sullivan recommends keeping these considerations in mind. Continue Reading


Choosing among IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

Which model -- PaaS, IaaS or SaaS -- is right for your organization's needs? Contributor Mark Eisenberg's expert advice helps you sort through the options. Continue Reading


Apprenda CEO discusses state of PaaS

Sinclair Schuller, CEO of enterprise PaaS company Apprenda, shares insights on the state of the current PaaS landscape. Continue Reading

2Selecting PaaS-

Making PaaS a success

Choosing PaaS is the first step. Learn the best way to achieve PaaS goals with strategies and tips from experts and users in this section. It covers all the service provider options, cloud database choices and much more.


All about PaaS

Take a look at the latest in PaaS, including its growing role in cloud-computing development, its impact on application servers and best practices for choosing a PaaS provider. Continue Reading


Focus on cloud goals and developer needs to choose the right PaaS

Companies looking to invest in PaaS are faced with more options than ever before. Contributor Stephanie Mann describes Focus on cloud goals and developer needs to choose the right one. Continue Reading


Start with the programming language when selecting PaaS

The Platform-as-a-Service market is growing without a single leader or approach. As contributor Dan Sullivan notes, choosing a PaaS model should involve more than just saying, "Eeney, meeney, miney, moe." Continue Reading


Succeeding with PaaS today

SearchSOA editors Jack Vaughan and Stephanie Mann talk with loud adviser Geva Perry about creating a state-of-the-art PaaS environment. Continue Reading


Making a choice among IaaS, PaaS and Database as a Service for a cloud database

Selecting a cloud database that's the best fit from among multiple options is a big job. Contributor Dan Sullivan discusses how to consider cost, availability and other features. Continue Reading


The concept of private PaaS

Enterprise IT pros anxious about maintaining security and control in the public cloud are looking to private PaaS. But as cloud industry expert David Linthicum explains, the approach may not alleviate all worries. Continue Reading

3PaaS tutorials-

PaaS multimedia deployments

Experts from a PaaS provider and an experienced PaaS adviser share their insights on deploying PaaS, implications on Java and cloud and the outlook on future PaaS in this podcast and video section.


Seeding the Java cloud: How to achieve a state-of-the-art Java PaaS

Cloud adviser Geva Perry describes emerging Java PaaS options that can offer big benefits for deploying Java applications in the cloud. Continue Reading

4PaaS terms-

Glossary of PaaS-associated terms

What exactly is PaaS? How does it differ from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS)? Fine-tune your knowledge with this glossary of relevant terms.


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