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Mobile software guide to BI, ALM and development

Mobile software guide to BI, ALM and development


Mobile software has crossed over into many technologies and businesses. In this ever-changing topic, it is hard to keep up with all the news. This cross-site mobile software guide covers news, tips, expert advice and conference coverage on all things mobile. 

1Mobile BI-

Mobile business intelligence news and advice

Learn about mobile business intelligence in this section. Get the latest news on mobile BI apps, device development and moving mobile apps to business needs successfully.


HTML5 for mobile BI development on devices

New-generation HTML5 business intelligence apps are the next step for mobile BI, according to attendees at a recent Information Builders conference. Continue Reading


Use of mobile BI apps sparks need to downsize design

Mobile business intelligence adds new challenges for BI teams, especially in designing apps. Don't overdo it on data, say BI managers and analysts. Continue Reading


Mobile BI apps: Not just a pretty interface

Back-end factors such as network performance and server hardware are key elements of building an effective mobile business intelligence architecture. Continue Reading


Key steps to making mobile BI apps a reality

In a podcast, BI expert William McKnight discusses best practices and action items for managing deployments of mobile business intelligence tools. Continue Reading


Mobile applications alter IT's course of action

Learn how mobile applications are changing business practices. Get the latest news on SaaS and PaaS providers, BPM platforms, native applications and more in this mobile applications section.


The pros of HTML5 hybrid native applications

Whether to make use of a hybrid, HTML5 or a native application depends on each specific situation. Continue Reading


Building the server side of mobility applications

Building desktop versus building mobile applications: More than the device is different. Continue Reading


Will JD Edwards and Oracle mobile apps change the future of business?

Soaring mobility adoption means enterprises have to 'go mobile.' Learn why JD Edwards and Oracle mobile apps will change business in the near future. Continue Reading


Achieving mobile SaaS apps agility

Learn how to make mobile SaaS apps Agile, including scrutinizing SaaS providers' SLAs, customizing a SaaS service for mobile or developing a SaaS app. Continue Reading


Mobile applications offered by SaaS provider

More providers of SaaS are serving up customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and other enterprise-specific mobile apps. Continue Reading


Why are more enterprises developing mobile apps for SaaS?

Learn why more enterprises are developing mobile apps for SaaS and why some turn to PaaS. Continue Reading

3Mobile ALM-

Mobile application lifecycle management tips

Mobile application lifecycle management can be a challenging process. Learn about what challenges you'll face and strategies for best practices to solve them. This mobile ALM section includes news, tips and expert advice on mobile ALM.


Learning lessons from the mobile ALM process

When a mobile application is decommissioned, it's time to step back and learn some lessons from the SDLC and ALM process Continue Reading


The new enterprise ALM strategy

While mobile development was once an afterthought, the new enterprise ALM (application lifecycle management) strategy is to put iPhone and Android application development first. Continue Reading


Mastering mobile ALM

Application lifecycle management starts at the initial inception of a concept, and doesn't end until the application is decommissioned. Here we look at the challenges of dealing with mobile ALM effectively. Continue Reading


Cloud mobile application management strategies

Cloud-based MAM is a new frontier for managing mobile apps, but all of its pitfalls have yet to emerge. To avoid them, focus on strategy, experts say. Continue Reading


Top challenges of mobile ALM

Application lifecycle management is never easy, but the challenges of mobile make it additionally hard. Here we look at the top three challenges of doing enterprise mobile ALM. Continue Reading


Three expert tips for getting mobile ALM right

Mobile application lifecycle management can be a challenge, so here are three expert tips to help solve those difficult mobile ALM challenges. Continue Reading


Mobile Web gifting gets help from API management

By exposing a network through application programming interfaces, Blackhawk Network is making the change from physical to digital cards. Continue Reading


New strategies for mobile developers

Testing, security and QA are part of the development process. Get a better understanding of the deployment steps in this mobile development section with news, tips and advice from developers and users.


Get ready mobile app developers

The Facebook Technology Partners Program was created to help mobile app developers build applications that integrate with Facebook. Continue Reading


Overcoming mobile development challenges

In this mobile guide, get a better scope of mobile development challenges and solutions. Continue Reading


Amazon accelerates with mobile AWS initiatives

Embedded development is a hot trend, but getting products quickly to market means accelerating the development process, which is exactly what the mobile AWS initiatives are doing. Continue Reading


Why mobile deployment needs effective CMS integration

The key to successful mobile deployments is effective content management (CMS) integration with the mobile app. Continue Reading


Tutorial: Mobile application development

Looking for a start in developing mobile apps for existing enterprise computing systems? This mobile application development tutorial is here to help. Continue Reading

5Mobile news and advice-

News and views: Overcoming mobile challenges

Mobile was at the forefront of many of the software technology conferences in 2013. Find out what the keynotes discussed, what users were saying and learn the key takeaways in this mobile news and views section.


Red Hat Summit and JBoss World 2013: Cloud and mobile headline

The cloud is poised to be a major theme at this year's Red Hat Summit and JBoss World conference. Continue Reading


Meet mobile user needs by altering mindset

Smartphones, tablets and desktop computers don't just differ in screen size; they are different form factors. Continue Reading


Mobile Backend as a Service fast-paced, and could be rocky

Adoption of cloud MBaaS is taking hold, but there are dangers of moving to the technology too fast. Continue Reading


How to prevent BYOA headaches with clear communication

As contributor Christine Parizon notes, BYOA management requires clear communication about and careful monitoring of employees' personal apps. Continue Reading


Top ten BYOD management best practices

Learn about the status of tools for managing bring your own device and the top 10 BYOD management best practices. Continue Reading


Experts explain growing role in as-a-Service family

Former assistant editor Stephanie Mann shares insights on the increasingly popular but still nascent Platform as a Service (PaaS) delivery model. Continue Reading

6Mobile BPM quiz-

Test your mobile BPM knowledge

How much do you know about your mobile business process management? Take this quiz and find out.

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