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Looking ahead: The future of cloud apps in 2014 and beyond

This guide offers expert tips and insights about the future of cloud apps in the next few years, including advice for choosing next-generation cloud platforms and strategies for successful cloud integration.


As SearchCloudApplications contributor Tom Nolle has pointed out, many enterprises' cloud applications consist primarily of simple extensions to Web hosting or server consolidations. "But for the cloud to reach its potential, it has to be more than that," Nolle writes.

This Essential Guide offers a variety of content exploring the future of cloud apps, from next-generation platforms to emerging Amazon Web Services tools, and from Software as a Service adoption to cloud integration.


What's happening with cloud apps

This section explores new and emerging developments in the cloud-computing arena -- especially in terms of cloud applications. Read on to learn more about the latest trends in everything from virtualization to Platform as a Service.


What lies ahead for cloud apps in 2014

Contributor Tom Nolle provides an insightful analysis into important trends driving the future of cloud apps. Continue Reading


Virtualization leads the way for cloud computing

In this expert answer, contributor Chris Moyer predicts that future cloud computing platforms will move away from the traditional server model. Continue Reading


Focus on enterprises grows in cloud computing

In this expert answer, contributor Chris Moyer looks at a key cloud computing trend -- enterprise migration -- and touches on other cloud trends as well. Continue Reading


PaaS adoption to edge upwards in 2014

The Platform as a Service market could heat up next year, but what is PaaS, exactly? And will it eventually be subsumed under other cloud categories? Continue Reading

2Tools and strategies-

Getting the most out of cloud apps

In this section, learn more about the latest tools, technologies, approaches, strategies and tactics for making the most of cloud applications. Browse the content below for details on everything from the latest offerings from Amazon Web Services to expert advice on cloud integration.


Apache Stratos to enable true PaaS

In this report from WSO2Con 2013, George Lawton discusses the ASF's planned release of its new multi-cloud PaaS offering, Apache Stratos 4.0. Continue Reading


Amazon AppStream to aid developers in creating cloud-based content

At the sold-out Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent 2013 conference in Las Vegas, announced new services for AWS developers and customers. Continue Reading


How buyers and sellers can utilize the AWS marketplace

AWS Marketplace serves Amazon Web Services customers and vendor partners alike. So, how does it work, and what types of software are available? Continue Reading


Vendor research for portable cloud apps pays off

Contributor Christine Parizo describes how to improve portable cloud apps by setting standards and researching cloud providers and app vendors. Continue Reading


Why new methods are needed for SaaS application integration

When companies need to integrate their in-house and SaaS applications, old tools won't stand up to challenges. Continue Reading


The power of cloud integration platforms

Learn how running a cloud integration platform can add value to your integration process. Continue Reading


Must-know cloud app terms

This glossary provides common terms related to cloud computing and cloud applications.

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