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Guide to cloud application testing

Testing is an essential part of securing and managing performance in cloud applications. This cloud application testing guide includes resources for performance and testing in the cloud.


Testing is an essential part of securing and managing performance in cloud applications. Find news and tips on mobile and Web applications and their role in cloud development. This cloud application testing guide includes expert advice on picking the right testing tools, techniques for testing in a hybrid environment and guidance if your applications fail.

1Securing apps-

Testing cloud applications

Ensuring the security and performance of an application is both necessary and difficult in a cloud environment. Experts and users provide insight into cloud app testing techniques and tools. Learn how to navigate beyond testing if an application fails this section securing applications.


Cloud application testing techniques

Learn some cloud application testing techniques to ensure data security. Continue Reading


Finding the right cloud testing tools

Cloud testing tools might improve testing efforts by reducing costs and freeing up resources, but only if the test tools fit what you test and how. Continue Reading


Software testing in the cloud

Tackle the basics of testing software in the cloud with these answers to frequently asked questions. Continue Reading


Navigating cloud computing security issues

Cloud computing security issues pop up when software QA pros play it fast and loose. Learn how to navigate threats and keep from getting burned. Continue Reading


FAQ: Cloud app development and cloud APIs

Cloud APIs are changing the way cloud application development is done, and many consider them to be an integral part of cloud computing. Continue Reading


What to do when cloud applications fail

Learn how to identify cloud outages quickly and best practices for resolutions. Continue Reading


Intelligent security and your business

Security intelligence is more than the latest buzzword. It's an essential function a successful business needs to protect its internal systems from data theft or loss of network resources. Continue Reading

2Expanding apps-

Mobile, Web apps, tools and vendors

Mobile and Web applications are an integral role in developing applications in the cloud. In turn, cloud services help drive mobile performance testing and tools. Learn how traditional software testing methods vary from mobile testing, how to test in a hybrid cloud environment and the impact of AWS tools in this section on expanding applications.


Cloud services help mobile performance tools

Mobile applications have created a lot of problems for software testers. Mobile performance testing tools vendors now look to the cloud for ways to solve those problems. Continue Reading


Mobile apps: SaaS solutions for mobile testing

Quality and performance monitoring in the world of mobile devices and mobile applications is an important topic for developers. This story discusses new mobile apps, highlights comments from the companies that offer them and examines the advantages of Web-based SaaS options. Continue Reading


SaaS testing vs. traditional testing

SaaS development cycles are shorter than traditional Web apps, require more test types and result in greater scrutiny from quality assurance. Continue Reading


Amazon CloudWatch provides APM tools

Amazon CloudWatch provides AWS customers with automated APM tools that they can use to keep applications and businesses running smoothly. Continue Reading


Enterprise IT and cloud vendor relations

Providers have been crying cloud for years. Will enterprise IT tune out their constant claims or will they realize this time it might be the truth? Continue Reading


Why testing mobile apps is different than Web apps

Although mobile app development methods can be similar to traditional Web apps, the art of testing mobile applications is still very different. Continue Reading


Extending Web apps with mobile Web applications

Building mobile clients for existing Web apps presents new challenges for developers. Overcome those challenges with tips from a mobile expert. Continue Reading


Building a hybrid cloud environment

Learn how best to build a hybrid cloud environment while combining Agile and DevOps. Continue Reading

3App knowledge-

Understanding key terms

Take a glance at some key terms having to do with cloud application testing. Find tips, article and expert advice to freshen up your app knowledge.

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