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Guide to app portability and interoperability

Moving from one service to another without disruption has become increasingly difficult, particularly in the various cloud computing offerings. Learn how app portability and interoperability help with ease of use.


About application portability

Application portability and cloud portability have become particularly important for IT pros and developers in ensuring the ability to move from once service to another with security and ease. This app portability section discusses the common challenges and solutions to portability, pricing pitfalls, and vendor and provider information.


How Docker containers are embracing open standards

In this new world where containers are challenging virtualized environments, Docker has had to grow up fast, and not only is it growing up, but it's opening up to new standards as well. Continue Reading


Easy pricing stability with SaaS application portability

SaaS app portability planning can help users deal with pricing and business stability issues for SaaS providers. Tom Nolle explains. Continue Reading


What enterprises need to know about app portability

Since many IT organizations are wanting to move apps between public clouds and private clouds, application portability is a growing concern. He discusses the current obstacles and steps enterprises can take to enhance portability of their apps. Continue Reading


Problems and solutions of application portability in PaaS

Even in the early stage of cloud adoption, users of PaaS services are already questioning the portability of the applications. Continue Reading


VMware PaaS uses cloud app portability to get ahead

Cloud Foundry Core, a new VMware PaaS tool, aims to make applications more portable across clouds. Most enterprises aren't there yet, however. Continue Reading


How and why a provider should offer cloud portability

Cloud portability may make it easier for a customer to leave, but it can also boost business. Find out how and why a cloud provider should offer cloud portability. Continue Reading


Pack your own chute: Success with cloud portability

Cloud portability -- moving from one cloud service provider to another -- isn't impossible; you just need to know how to land. Continue Reading


App containers could improve cloud portability

Cloud portability and automated app development edge closer to practical reality with a new spin on application containers called Docker. Continue Reading


What portable apps require

Contributor Christine Parizo describes how to improve portable cloud apps by setting standards and researching cloud providers and app vendors. Continue Reading


About application interoperability

Interoperability, particularly cloud interoperability, remains a challenge for programmers and IT. This section explores integrating systems into the cloud, both public and private, with interoperability.

Learn about application standards, SaaS providers, necessary security measures and integration without service interruption.


Interoperability and data exchanges testing techniques

Testing data exchanges involves the ability to view, track and verify messages, among other things. Here are techniques for testing data exchanges. Continue Reading


Better data exchange testing with these four tools

Learn which tools are recommended for testing data exchange and interoperability issues. Continue Reading


Overcome security issues in cloud computing

Allowing departments free range may create security issues for cloud computing within an entire enterprise. Continue Reading


Developing a cloud strategy for IoT devices

How to use the cloud to connect to IoT devices with back-end application is important for companies looking toward the future. Continue Reading


How to improve cloud interoperability with app tools

Application migration tools can improve communication between clouds and make it easier for IT shops looking to move apps. Continue Reading


Achieving cloud interoperability

One of the biggest problems facing cloud adoption is cloud interoperability, but that doesn't have to stay a problem. Continue Reading


Cloud interoperability and portability remain a thing of the future

You can file cloud interoperability with time machines and flying cars -- under science fiction. Can the industry work to build a brighter future? Continue Reading


How service orientation can benefit from interoperability

This excerpt from "SOA: Principles of Service Design" defines the term "interoperability" and describes how service orientation can benefit the process of sharing data. Continue Reading


Integrating with existing networks using interoperability

Derick Winkworth outlines whether it's possible to reach SDN network interoperability. Continue Reading


Glossary of terms

Need a refresher on portability terms? Find definitions to get up to date on portability and interoperability in this section.

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