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Guide to SOA and the cloud

A few years ago, SOA and the cloud were coupled only to indicate that the latter was driving out the former. Now, some experts are starting to view the relationship between the two technologies more positively.


With the emergence of cloud computing and cloud applications, some people believed the new technology would make service-oriented architecture (SOA) obsolete. While some still hold that belief, others have found SOA to be very advantageous to the cloud. The first section of this guide covers the relationship between SOA and the cloud, and the second goes into other architectural concepts, such as representational state transfer (REST). Also included are a quiz and key terms. Read on to find out more about the relationship between SOA and the cloud.

1The cloud and SOA-

How to use both the cloud and SOA

There are inevitably going to be challenges and differences between SOA and the cloud. However, there are ways developers and architects can use both to achieve better results. The following features and tips cover how architects can take advantage of both technologies, starting with the basics and working out to more complicated concepts, like componentization.


Frequently asked questions about SOA and the cloud

Get the answers to several commonly asked questions about the cloud and SOA, including how they fit together. Continue Reading


How to use SOA in the cloud

This tip works through some of the confusion about SOA and the cloud to get at how they can work together. Continue Reading


Agile design makes SOA cloud-ready

Agility, SOA and the cloud can be used together to make applications better. Find out how. Continue Reading


Succeed at hybrid integration

Struggling to make SOA and the cloud work for your organization? This feature illustrates the actions of companies that have been successful in this endeavor. Continue Reading


Componentization issues between the cloud and SOA

SOA and cloud have different paths to application componentization. Learn to overcome any challenges presented by those differences. Continue Reading

2REST and app design-

Improve application design

Cloud applications, like any programs, must have sharp design and strong security, and architects play a huge part in those areas. The articles in this section delve into the role REST plays in cloud applications and how to improve application design through cloud business intelligence (BI), workflow and componentization.


Achieve security in REST APIs for cloud apps

Architects should understand their options for securing REST API endpoints, including authorization and API keys. Continue Reading


Use REST-friendly architecture for controlling state

To control state in the cloud, architects should consider implementing a REST-friendly, rather than a REST architecture model. Continue Reading


Cloud BI enhances app design

Learn to use business and historical data to your advantage when designing applications. Continue Reading


Put workflow and componentization analysis first in cloud app design

Cloud-optimized application design must start with a workflow and componentization analysis. In this tip, Learn about the action steps cloud architects should take. Continue Reading


Assess what you have learned

This quiz covers the basics of SOA and the cloud. Now that you have reviewed the articles in this guide, test yourself on what you have learned.

Test your knowledge of the cloud and SOA


Key terms to know

Make sure you understand the definitions for these key terms.

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