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Creating and maintaining a corporate app store: Strategies for success

Learn about the benefits and challenges of running an in-house corporate app store in this comprehensive collection of tips, expert answers and valuable terminology.


It's no secret: Online application stores have become a huge part of the consumer IT economy. Now many businesses are considering building their own in-house stores to make approved applications available to their employees, partners and customers. In fact, by 2017, about 25 of all companies will deploy corporate app stores, according to a survey by research firm Gartner Inc.

But reaping the rewards of an in-house app store requires careful planning and constant maintenance. This guide offers expert advice for launching an in-house app store that works for business managers, IT teams and end users alike.

1Planning your app store-

Building a corporate application store

Is a corporate application store right for your organization? Read on to find out if an app store would be beneficial and then find out the steps you need to take from there. This section delves into the decision-making processes, deployment streamlining tips and budgeting ideas.


Will a corporate app store benefit your organization?

Tom Nolle explains how to determine whether a corporate app store makes sense for your organization. Continue Reading


Streamlining the deployment of a corporate app store

Our expert describes the best steps for planning and launching a corporate app store. Continue Reading


Building an app store without breaking the budget

Learn ways to launch an online enterprise app store to help meet mobile employees' needs without exceeding the budget. Continue Reading


Create a cloud self-service portal for IT resources

Find advice on building an in-house cloud self-service portal that lets employees provision their IT resources. Continue Reading


App stores boost reuse of enterprise data and processes

From the WSO2Con 2013 conference, contributor George Lawton describes how corporate app stores promote data and processes. Continue Reading


Vendor options for building corporate app stores

This feature offers a broad overview of vendor options for building corporate app stores. Continue Reading

2Maintaining app stores-

App stores: Maintenance, users and corporate progress

Learn how corporations have maintained application stores in this section. App vendors and users share status updates on how the app stores have worked this far, how well users are fairing and what the future holds for corporate apps.


AWS Marketplace serves software buyers and sellers alike

This FAQ discusses how the AWS Marketplace serves Amazon Web Services customers and vendor partners. Continue Reading


Manage change and seek user input to maintain app store

This last feature in a series on creating a corporate app store offers advice on maintaining the store. Continue Reading


Corporate app store lets developers share knowledge

Appcelerator lets developers buy and share software components in a corporate app store environment. Continue Reading


Corporate acquisition to yield unified enterprise app store

BMC, RES Software and other vendors offer enterprise app stores akin to Apple's Mac App Store to deliver apps. Continue Reading


App store use is increasing with mobile-ready manufacturers

A report shows that corporate app store adoption rates are low, but are poised to take off. Continue Reading

3Corporate app terms-

About corporate app stores

Learn some common and not so common terms that revolve around corporate application stores. Find out about vendors and technologies in this glossary section.

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