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Cloud application performance management: Doing the job right

Cloud application performance management is increasingly important to every organization whose business relies on a cloud environment. This guide offers expert advice for taking an effective approach.


Just as with other infrastructures, application performance is a key metric in most cloud environments. But many companies aren't yet using cloud application performance management or monitoring tools -- or aren't using them effectively.

This guide, packed with information from and other TechTarget sites, offers a multifaceted view of cloud application performance management, including real-life examples of the approach in action. Read the articles, browse the glossary and view the video to learn about using cloud application performance management to achieve optimal performance and availability.

1Working with cloud APM-

Cloud APM issues, benefits and future

Learn about working with cloud application performance management. What are the issues with cloud APM and what are effective tips for working out these kinks? Find out the latest on cloud APM and what is in store for the future of this cloud space here.


Reap cloud benefits more with cloud APM

In this tip, contributor Tom Nolle offers practical advice on using cloud APM to reap the greatest gains from cloud computing. Continue Reading


Tips for effective cloud APM

In this expert tip, contributor Tom Nolle offers practical advice for successful cloud application performance management in cloud migrations. Continue Reading


What to do when cloud services and apps fail

Learn how to identify cloud outages quickly and best practices for resolutions. Continue Reading


APM appliance fixes networking issues

When Aptela needs to gather information on a client's network problems, they send them a cloud-based APM microappliance. Continue Reading


Cloud APM software: What's next?

AppNeta CEO Jim Melvin discusses his views on APM software, cloud as utility and the Boston tech startup scene. Continue Reading

2APM tools-

Cloud APM tools

What are the necessary cloud APM tools? How effective are they? What is the difference between a service and a tool? Learn about cloud APM tools in this section.


Cloud necessity: APM tools

SSQ contributor Crystal Bedell talks to APM experts about considerations for decision makers when evaluating APM tools for their cloud-based applications. Continue Reading


Adding APM monitoring tools to system management

Application performance is a key metric for cloud infrastructures. But few companies use application performance monitoring tools or use them well. Continue Reading


APM tools clean up an IT mess

Vodafone Ireland fixed up a disjointed IT staff and increased customer satisfaction after implementing HP's APM tools. Continue Reading


Cloud APM: Better as a service or as a tool?

Acceleration is just one facet of cloud performance services. Application performance management (APM) services that focus on monitoring are another avenue for providers. Continue Reading

3Optimizing Cloud APM -

Cloud APM expert video

Learn how to best optimize cloud application performance management with advice from industry experts.


Application performance management can make or break your brand

Application performance management is more difficult and necessary than ever to the business. This webcast advises CIOs on how to get APM up to snuff.


Cloud app performance terms

What exactly is application performance management? Fine-tune your knowledge with this glossary of terms relevant to the topic of cloud app performance.

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