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Change agents: Leaders in enterprise application architecture

The articles in this guide profile various enterprise application architecture projects and the agents of change that made them possible.


It takes plenty of zeal and determination to execute a successful enterprise application architecture or software development initiative. Whether the project focuses on designing and launching a new set of cloud applications, a services-oriented architecture or software quality program, the goal of affecting real change requires planning, homework and strength of character.

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With this guide, you'll get to know many "Change Agents" that have carried out enterprise application architecture and software development projects from the start and produced positive results for their organizations. These tales of transformation are full of advice about how to use technology to improve the way business is done. Our Change Agents profiles offer real inspiration and solid guidance on how to conduct a career at the crossroads of business and software development.


Using technology to solve business problems

In this section, readers will learn how various enterprise application development professionals use their resources to develop applications to solve problems and inefficiencies.


CEO becomes clientside developer with aid of HTML5 app builder

Gatherworks' CEO Frik Strecker used an HTML5 app builder to create an enrollment and learning management system. Continue Reading


Ten tips for enterprise collaboration strategy success

An enterprise collaboration strategy isn't for the fainthearted. Here are some rules of the road, from an expert with a track record of success. Continue Reading


Pros, cons of moving from Swing to JavaFX: UI tools a plus

In this Q&A, Lynden Inc. senior software architect Rob Terpilowski explains why his team found JavaFX provided richer UI tools than Swing. Continue Reading


Juniper Networks EVP of HR boldly redefines stale practices

Despite being an HR veteran, Steven Rice readily tosses old processes to make way for cutting-edge performance management and learning initiatives. Continue Reading


Enterprise social networking strategy fuels e-commerce success at Tory Burch

The luxury fashion company has navigated the intersection of e-commerce and enterprise social networking strategy to create a sticky brand. Continue Reading


Application developers use custom software to make a difference

The SpeakYourMind Foundation assigns its volunteer developers to design custom software for people with locked-in syndrome. Since most existing alternative and augmentative communication solutions are quite expensive, the nonprofit works to provide individuals with low-cost solutions. Continue Reading


Java vs. Ruby: A cloud software engineer weighs in

A cloud software engineer shares tips on Java versus Ruby, app security and deployment. Continue Reading


Online community managers must put on their listening ears

As the online community manager for users of WhatsUp Gold, Jason Williams has seen the effect that unpopular software can have on forum activity. In this article, we examine what went wrong and how Williams worked with the design team at Igloo Software to devise and implement a replacement. Continue Reading


Using technology to redefine and streamline business strategies

In this section, readers will learn how various application developers were able to redefine business strategies and bring about organizational change.


Mobile project manager fosters collaboration and helps autistic kids

On her current mobile application project, Marlena Smith fosters communication between clinicians, developers and even artists. The result is Camp Discovery - an iPad application that helps autistic children practice important skills. Smith enjoys her work with mobile apps and CARD. She finds it rewarding to manage a project that directly helps autistic kids. She's proud of bringing a team with diverse professional backgrounds together to make this therapeutic game and research tool a reality. Continue Reading


Enterprise architect's Internet fascination helps in cloud projects

Essent's enterprise architect is using his fascination with the Internet to help his company cut costs and time with cloud projects. Continue Reading


Build better software with better acceptance tests

Gil Zilberfeld, product manager at Typemock, uses unconventional methods to show developers the importance of building acceptance tests. Zilberfeld's test-driven spaceship holds developers' attention and teaches extremely valuable application development lessons. Continue Reading


API management, servers enable mobile, Web gift services strategy

By exposing a network through application programming interfaces, Blackhawk Network is making the change from physical to digital cards. Continue Reading


How one application performance manager makes the most of limited resources

As the application performance manager for the state of Michigan, J.P. Jackson oversees thousands of applications with a team of six. Learn how Jackson makes the most of limited resources and ensures that critical applications continue to run effectively. Continue Reading


Release manager says let business goals drive code changes on software rollouts

Release manager Ken Vane recently finished a major software rollout for the Navy Federal Credit Union. Here he discusses how his team approached the project and offers his advice for rolling out new software -- such as letting business goals and tight controls drive code changes. Continue Reading


OOCL uses event processing system to target all ships at sea

Orient Overseas Container Line attributes a good portion of its immense success to its IT solutions. In this article, we examine the development of its event processing system, the blend of technologies used in the system and how it has contributed to the business' success. Continue Reading


Oracle user explains current SOA and BPM projects

In this video, filmed at JavaOne, reporter Jack Vaughan interviews Oracle user Michael Rokitka about his current SOA and BPM projects. Rokitka works as a software engineer and Web architect for a New York real estate investment firm. Continue Reading


Careers in enterprise application development

In this section, readers will learn about the careers of several agents of change and their secrets to success in enterprise application development.


Mixing Agile and continuous delivery for disciplined development

A QA engineer explains how he uses continuous delivery and Agile to ensure his online organization's success. Continue Reading


U.S. Department of Homeland Security funds security test researcher

Application security expert Dan Cornell discusses his research in hybrid analysis mapping techniques and why it won him funding from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Cornell also talks about how he started ThreadFix, an open source vulnerability aggregation and management system. Continue Reading


How Agile development helped King County Library System reach the top shelf

The King County Library System's IT services director Jed Moffitt did not expect that he would end up leading Agile software development projects, but it has nonetheless become a major and necessary part of his job. Here he shares his experiences with Agile development and offers advice on planning application development projects. Continue Reading


Rob Lambert, the 'Social Tester' talks Web application testing

As the self-appointed "Social Tester" and author of the free e-book 36 Days of Web Testing, Rob Lambert has a lot to say about Web application testing. In this interview with testing expert Yvette Francino, he discusses his book and his advice for Web testers. Continue Reading


Reusable cloud tools gap fuels app security quest

While working for two different companies, software engineers Alex Salazar and Les Hazlewood found themselves reinventing authentication and access controls for each application built. Seeing the shortage of reusable, flexible enterprise and cloud application development tools for security spurred them to quit their jobs and build reusable, open source and commercial security tools for developers and architects. Continue Reading


Test professional best practices for managing mergers

Quality assurance lead Gerie Owen has been through three mergers in her time as a test professional. In this article, she shares her advice for how other test managers can deal with the challenge of managing mergers and acquisitions. Continue Reading


Development manager aces iPad app projects with Agile tactics

As the vice president of technology for online content aggregator Newstex, Christopher Moyer has overseen multiple legacy-to-iPad application migration projects while still maintaining support for existing applications. In this article, he shares the tools he has used to keep organized and able to juggle his many responsibilities during development projects. Continue Reading

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