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integration as a service

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Integration as a Service (IaaS) is a delivery model that puts system integration into the cloud. This paradigm facilitates real-time exchange of data and programs among enterprise-wide systems and trading partners.

In B2B (business-to-business) integration, IaaS allows partners to develop, maintain, and manage custom integrations for diverse systems and applications in the cloud. In this way, the enterprise can more effectively pursue process innovations without the need to constantly modify and maintain diverse and often incompatible application programs.

IaaS has gained favor among small and medium-sized businesses in the past several years because it facilitates low-cost, efficient, reliable B2B integration. IaaS allows enterprises of modest size to spend more of their valuable resources on the products and services that directly benefit customers. In addition, IaaS can streamline IM (infrastructure management) by minimizing the amount of unnecessary and redundant time and energy spent on it.

The New York Times archived much of their historical data in less than two days using an IaaS system developed by Amazon called Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Without the assistance of EC2 or a similar IaaS platform, the same process would probably have taken weeks.

This was last updated in June 2012

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