Cloud integration platform

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  • SnapLogic

    SnapLogic is a software company that offers cloud integration products to allow customers to connect cloud-based data and applications with on-premise business systems. 

  • virtual private cloud

    A virtual private cloud (VPC) is the logical division of a public cloud service provider's multi-tenant architecture to support private cloud computing in a public cloud environment.    

  • Workday

    Workday is a web-based ERP software vendor that specializes in human capital management and financial management applications. 

  • Racemi

    Racemi is a data center software vendor that specializes in cloud provisioning and cloud migration products. Racemi’s products enable physical-to-cloud (P2C), cloud-to-physical (C2P) and cloud-to-cloud (C2C) migration. 

  • native cloud application (NCA)

    A native cloud application (NCA) is a program that is specifically designed for a cloud computing environment as opposed to simply being migrated to the cloud.  

  • cloud database

    A cloud database is a database that has been optimized or built for a virtualized computing environment. Putting the database in the cloud can be an effective way to support and cloud-enable business applications as part of a wider software-as-a-serv... 

  • turnkey cloud

    A turnkey cloud is a product that includes pre-tested and certified packages of software and/or hardware and storage that a cloud provider or enterprise can deploy quickly. 

  • integration as a service

    Integration as a Service (IaaS) is a delivery model that puts system integration into the cloud. 

  • cloud integration platform

    A cloud integration platform is a product that facilitates the integration of an organization’s onsite (non-cloud-based) business resources with cloud-based resources. 

  • Jitterbit

    Jitterbit is a commercial software integration product that facilitates transport between legacy, enterprise, and on-demand computing applications. 

About Cloud integration platform

Cloud integration platforms help companies integrate SaaS or other cloud-based applications with on-premise systems. This market is evolving rapidly, which is why this section includes the latest news, best practices and expert advice to assist with your project. There are many approaches to developing an integration cloud and choosing the right platform is not easy - with scores of vendors to sift through, including Boomi Atomsphere, Cast Iron Omni Connect, Amazon SQS, Google App Engine for Business, the Azure platform app fabric or others. Read our independent, unbiased articles for advice and key considerations to help you make the right decision.