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Cloud application strategy

More and more organizations are turning to cloud computing applications - business applications built on inexpensive cloud platforms. Whether building or buying cloud applications, learn more here about technology and solutions. Find out more about SaaS, PaaS and other examples, through news, tips and expert advice. Read more about managing hybrid cloud environments, based on both private and public cloud computing technology -- and get best practices for managing the new challenges of these applications. More about Cloud application strategy


Software as a Service is a popular application delivery method these days. More and more organizations are turning to SaaS. Cloud computing promises to help organizations cut costs, but even SaaS has its challenges. In this section, get the latest advice from experts on managing cloud computing SaaS environments. Read the latest news and advice, learn more about SaaS strategy development, negotiating contracts and SLAs and more. More about SaaS


PaaS, or platform as a service, is a new development paradigm in cloud computing. With Platform as a Service cloud computing, the application infrastructure and platform is provided by a services vendor. Using a PaaS promises to remove the extra work required to setup application environments, such as provisioning servers, setting up testing environments and other time consuming tasks. In this section, development professionals will find unbiased news, tips and expert advice on using PaaS cloud computing platforms -- along with case studies and tutorials to better understand how to leverage these capabilities in your organization. More about PaaS

Cloud integration

Cloud integration is a serious challenge for any organization moving toward cloud computing. Integration is a critical challenge in any enviroment, but especially with the distributed systems in the cloud. In this section, read more about cloud-based integration techniques through independent news coverage, tutorials, case studies and expert advice. Find out more about cloud integration services, and learn about common challenges. Get best practices for using cloud-based integration platforms and read more about different methods. More about Cloud integration

Cloud development

Cloud architecture and development have become hot topics, as companies seek to better leverage the cloud. In this section, get unbiased news, features, tutorials and expert advice covering emerging cloud computing architecture techniques and development best practices. Whether you're going with a private cloud architecture, or leveraging the public cloud, find out key considerations for developing applications effectively. Get expert advice about design, application development tools and other important considerations. More about Cloud development