• July 27, 2016 27 Jul'16

    Event planner simplifies operations with low-code development tools

    Staging arena events means coordinating thousands of tasks and several budgets. Solomon Group ousts piecemeal systems for a single service build with low-code development tools.

  • July 11, 2016 11 Jul'16

    Providing a common language for dev and ops

    At Red Hat Summit, Ansible playbooks look to find common ground between dev and ops teams.

  • July 06, 2016 06 Jul'16

    Best practices for private cloud deployment

    Find out how the world's largest betting site, Paddy Power Betfair, leveraged a private cloud to accelerate application delivery.

  • July 06, 2016 06 Jul'16

    What EA learned about building successful mobile app infrastructure

    Find out what Electronic Arts learned from a failed effort and one successful strategy for deploying cloud infrastructure for mobile apps.

  • July 06, 2016 06 Jul'16

    Multiple screen sizes create mobile app challenges

    In nine years, app downloads went from zero to 225 billion. Yet, multiple device types, screen sizes and operating systems still spark lingering mobile app challenges.

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    • Improving and Accelerating DevOps Through Convergence

      In today’s business environment, software has become a critical differentiator in determining business success. A recent article in Harvard Business Review postulates that every business is a competitor on a software playing field, no matter what sector it is in. See More

    • How DBAs Can Drive Oracle Performance With All-Flash Storage

      Database administrators (DBAs) are under intense pressure to improve the performance of their Oracle databases. Businesses are processing more data, more transactions and larger data sets, yet they also demand faster database performance with no latency. At the same time, many organizations are embracing database consolidation to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, while still expecting improved database performance. It’s a constant theme that is unlikely to change any time soon. In fact, with the growth of big data analytics and the Internet of Things, the pressure on DBAs will become even greater. See More

    • Scale-Out Storage Simplifies Planning

      “Never run out of disk space” became the storage administrator’s prime directive because of the big difference between storage and the rest of an organization’s IT infrastructure. When the network guys slightly underestimate the bandwidth they’ll need to provide, the network gets congested and applications slow down. Similarly, if the server crew ends up running a few too many VMs on too few hosts, the VMs run slower. See More

    • Virtual Server Performance – Why Solid-State Storage Isn’t Enough

      When a host server fails to deliver a sufficient level of IOPS, the solution is often to invest in solid-state storage. As many organizations have discovered, however, solid-state storage is a costly solution that may only temporarily correct the problem. Like any other storage technology, there is a limit to the number of IOPS that solid-state storage can deliver, and it is often only a matter of time before this limit is reached and the performance problems return. See More

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  • June 27, 2016 27 Jun'16

    Red Hat explains its acquisition of API management tools maker 3scale

    Enterprise-class API management tools are central to cloud application development and integration. Red Hat is acquiring 3scale to fill a glaring gap in its product line.

  • June 24, 2016 24 Jun'16

    What 3D integration means for the enterprise

    Autodesk has rearchitected its core technologies for design to work in the cloud. Learn what 3D integration means for the future of enterprises.

  • June 23, 2016 23 Jun'16

    How 3D data integration can streamline the supply chain

    Learn how enterprises can leverage 3D data integration in the cloud to improve communication across supply chains and improve sales.

  • June 22, 2016 22 Jun'16

    Scalable systems monitoring helps developers build better apps faster

    Developers want to create better apps faster. Static clouds are giving way to scalable systems, with dynamic resource allocation and application monitoring.

  • June 17, 2016 17 Jun'16

    Best practices for moving big data apps into production

    What's the best way to prepare big data apps to be production-ready? Amazon engineer Marvin Theimer had the answer at Spark Summit. Expert George Lawton discusses this further.

  • June 16, 2016 16 Jun'16

    Data currency demands differing storage strategies

    Storage strategies should handle data differently, depending on its age, a phenomenon known as data currency. Know when your data transitions from new and hot to old and cold.

  • June 16, 2016 16 Jun'16

    Leverage the cloud to create useful, better smart home systems

    Enterprise architects can simplify consumers' lives by using the cloud to weave IoT devices to create better, more useful smart home functionality.

  • June 16, 2016 16 Jun'16

    Spark brings value to big data analytics and ETL processes

    Spark is garnering a lot of attention for streamlining the development of big data analytics. But, it can also improve ETL processes. Expert George Lawton explains further.

  • June 16, 2016 16 Jun'16

    How TensorFlow helps deep learning applications in the cloud

    TensorFlow optimizes the development and deployment of machine learning algorithms. But how can it leverage the cloud to build deep learning apps? Expert George Lawton explains.

  • June 16, 2016 16 Jun'16

    As Parse shutdown looms, developers pack up code and data for big move

    As the Parse shutdown looms, developers are discovering API and query incompatibilities between the Facebook Parse service and open source implementations.