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      • Develop your criteria for selecting VDI software

        Learn about the latest options for VDI platforms and get an overview of the vendors and products that IT has to choose from. Also, get more information about the decision-making process when determining if you need VDI, and whether you should choose VDI or Terminal Services.

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      • Adapting to life after Heartbleed

        22 April 2014

        • Royal Bank of Scotland maps transaction supply chain
        • Greenpeace singles out datacentre firms for lack of energy efficiency
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      • Computer Weekly networking case studies

        Jennifer Scott and Steve Evans discover what made the winning entries stand out from the crowd in the 2014 Computer Weekly European Awards for networking.

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      • Contact center technology today requires a new approach

        Managing customer relationships today is about a whole lot more than a weekly newsletter and a few phone lines. Organizations ahead of the curve have accepted this rule, drilling down on customer experience management strategies designed to deal with the multitude of communication channels available to customers. It's not just about about the technology -- though, that is an important part of CEM. Successful customer service is also about strategy: how to ensure customers are satisfied at each and every point of contact, whether it's via smartphone, tablet, email or social media.

        This three-part guide will focus on the steps that companies need to start making to keep up. We kick off with a guide to forming a successful e-commerce strategy -- starting with six key factors that can make or break a customer's shopping experience and, ultimately, your business. Next we examine the "outside-in" approach to contact center technology -- putting yourself in the customer's shoes and making the technology they use to contact you as simple as possible. We close with a look at where tomorrow's CEM technology is heading.

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      • Up, up and away: Java app development heads to the cloud

        With all the hype surrounding cloud computing, everyone is eager to see how the cloud "revolution" will play out. And while a "paradigm shift" might be interesting for analysts and theorists, day-to-day IT professionals need to know how the cloud changes day-to-day IT. In this expert handbook, see how the advent of cloud computing is affecting Java app development. Learn about the specific ways in which Java development is moving into the cloud, how cloud security is evolving, and what to expect in the near future from Java in the cloud.

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      • Developing for the cloud: Challenges and best practices

        The developer is in demand more than ever, and yet the role still alludes most in the IT world. With some insight into cloud computing, platforms and ecosystems, development processes can be more clearly defined, and the part of the developer will come into focus.

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      • What to know about PaaS in the cloud

        Platform as a Service technologies have quickly evolved beyond just supporting application development for Software as a Service. PaaS technologies and providers now offer broad application lifecycle management support, and more are on the way. In addition to having more services from which to choose, application decision makers also have more vendors to evaluate, as more than 50 PaaS cloud vendors are vying for customers today. This handbook shows what PaaS technologies and providers offer today and will offer in the future -- as well how to evaluate both.

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      • Cloud architecture key to leveraging cloud-based services

        February 2012, Issue 1

        • Java Platform as a Service providers vie for developers' affection
        • VIP Art Fair picks OpDemand over RightScale for IaaS management
        • Java PaaS providers compete for the attention of developers
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  • Business Information

    Cloud computing, mobile devices and massive amounts of data flowing into organizations are combining to put heavy pressure on business systems. To adapt, organizations have been forced to transform the way in which corporate information is managed.

  • Cloud Development Digest

    Access essential resources aimed at educating IT and development managers on the latest trends, strategies and best practices in cloud development.


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  • Tap into enterprise data governance for business value

    Data governance is all about managing data as a business asset and ensuring that data is accurate, consistent, integrated, timely, complete and secure. This report examines the market trends for implementing data governance. Based on data from a recent survey of 317 business intelligence professionals, IT professionals and consultants, this SearchBusinessAnalytics Benchmark Report analyzes the responses and provides trend information on the increasing executive acceptance of the importance of managing data as a corporate asset, the current status and types of data governance initiatives, data quality and data governance benefits.

  • VM management and capacity prediction

    As hypervisor features have become more similar, the next vendor battleground will be over management software. Microsoft and VMware have similar capabilities, and now they'll look to make their products stand out by touting their management tools and complimentary products. Soon, IT pros won't spend time looking at unique features when they compare hypervisors; they will be looking at how an organization can use the hypervisor to improve workflows throughout the data center.


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