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Need a non-Docker container? Here are five good choices

Docker led the way to the container world, but now there are a variety of other options. Expert Mark Betz outlines five solid alternatives to Docker, complete with hands-on advice.


Integrating apps in a hybrid cloud? It's complicated

In a hybrid cloud environment, it can be tricky to ensure all of your applications play nicely together. Expert Tom Nolle helps you think through the process.


Proper API placement is crucial for best results

Getting the most out of API technology is more than good design. It requires an understanding of who its beneficiaries are and where it is placed in a data analytics workflow.

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Leverage tools for securing containers

Expert Chris Tozzi identifies effective strategies and tools for securing each layer of the container software stack.

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    A dev shares hands-on tips about cloud containers

    It's tempting think of containers as just another type of VM, but that's not accurate. Expert Mark Betz offers a look at what's easy and tricky about containers in the cloud.

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    Quiz: Software-defined data center industry trends

    To join those who want everything delivered as a service, you have to be up on the latest software-defined data center trends. Take this brief quiz and gauge your knowledge.

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    Quiz time: Cloud-based IP traffic edition

    How fast is cloud-based IP traffic growing? Take this quiz and see if forecasts for cloud traffic volume, download speeds and server workloads are in line with your expectations.

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