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How cloud ALM misconceptions can hamper app development

What's hampering your cloud ALM efforts? Find out how three ALM myths can affect cloud app development and management.

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How to optimize microservice performance

Learn how to prevent bottlenecks, create efficient deployment and avoid security issues to ensure optimal microservice performance in the cloud.


On-premises API management gets a containerized boost

With the use of APIs in enterprises soaring into the hundreds and beyond, Red Hat devises a containerized management platform that provides scalability for developers and DevOps.

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Test yourself on cloud transformation progress

The race to transform legacy IT into a cloud-first operation might be moving slower than you think. Take this quiz and see if your company's progress is ahead of the curve.

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Cloud applications Basics

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    open API (public API)

    An open API, also known as a public API, is an application programming interface that allows the owner of a network-accessible service to give universal access to consumers of that service, such as developers.

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    Writing AI apps? Know these three tips for success

    Artificial intelligence apps that learn from experience are behind the wheel of self-driving cars and are poised to do more. Know the speed limits and how to get started quickly.

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    Cloud and DevOps practices help make app development a breeze

    Merging DevOps with the cloud improves application development strategies. Learn how to create the perfect cloud and DevOps environment for efficient app development.

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